Bridging the Boundaries: Wafer, Panel and Beyond
October 13 - 15, 2020
DoubleTree by Hilton San Jose
San Jose, California, USA

Keynote Presenters

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 | 9:00am
Choon Heung Lee, Ph.D.

The OSAT's Dilemma and the Future

Choon Heung Lee, Ph.D.


The semiconductor industry and market is experiencing many changes that differ from the past. Changes in the last 5 years include many concentrated M&As and an inflection point that is occurring with connectivity to everything and everywhere. In terms of packaging technology, fundamental processes and materials linking most advanced packaging technologies have been well established. On the other hand, specific advanced technologies require an unprecedented level of scale in CAPEX investment and proper expertise in engineering and operations. In this talk, I will map these changes and share the challenges facing OSATs. I will present my view on how OSATs can adjust to these changes and move in the best direction.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 | 8:15am
Walden Rhines, Ph.D.

Slowdown: When Did it Start... What Drove it... When Will the Recovery Come

G. Dan Hutcheson


By early 2018, it was clear to VLSIresearch that the end of the boom was near and that 2019 would be bad. Many of its indicators had been raising red flags since late 2017. This alarm was reflected each week in VLSIs Weather Reports, which were seen by the thousands who subscribe to SemiWEEK, plus more in its other reports. Still growth would stay positive while the industry partied through 2018. However, while positive, growth was clearly slowing. In this presentation, we'll show the data that revealed a clear growth peak around December of 2017, and how it started a steady decline that continued through 2018. By January of 2018, it was clear the party was over, even though no other major market research firm would forecast a negative year until it was well under way.

As the year has progressed, key pressure fronts for an industry recovery reached the outer cyclical boundaries and started to reverse course. The question is, when will we be back in a growth cycle? Will it be a "V" or "Canoe" shape? The presentation will highlight the factors that will likely determine the future course.

Some of the questions to be addressed in the presentation include:

  • What are the pressure and strategic inflection points?
  • What's different about the cycle today?
  • The effect of a slowing in Moore's Law

    Wednesday, October 23, 2019 | 4:00pm
    Tim Olson

    A Borderless Future for Electronic Interconnect

    Tim Olson

    Founder & CTO
    Deca Technologies

    Unprecedented scale, unavoidable impact and unmistakable changes are re-shaping our electronic world. The basic language of semiconductors is being re-written as familiar industry lines fade into history. At the heart of it all where silicon SoCs once defined system performance, innovative new non-monolithic methods will enable system architects to create exciting new possibilities. We'll examine the forces at play working together to create a borderless future for electronic interconnect.

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