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International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference

Download the IWLPC Brochure

SMTA and Chip Scale Review are pleased to announce the 11th Annual International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference and Tabletop Exhibition. IWLPC brings together some of the semiconductor industry's most respected authorities addressing all aspects of wafer-level, 3D, TSV, and MEMS device packaging.

View the Conference brochure (PDF) for details.

A Message from the General Chair

IWLPC 2014 is shaping up to be the best year yet, and we invite you to join us!

Keith A. Cooper

Sharpen your grasp on emerging technology at this year's IWLPC. Join us in Silicon Valley to interact with leaders of MEMS, 3D and Wafer-Level Packaging. Keynote presenter, Janusz Bryzek, also known as father of sensor technology, will speak on "Living Connected Through Trillions of Sensors." Choose from two days of parallel technical sessions which explore key topics under the three tracks. Enrich your grasp on current development in plenary sessions on MEMS and WLP, as well as through a 3D panel discussion.

Throughout the conference, you will have opportunities to discuss growth possibilities in your industry with nearly sixty vendors of key materials, equipment and technology in the exhibit area. To close out the conference, industry experts will give detailed lectures in four professional development courses so you can dive a little deeper into specific areas of technology.

So whether you're looking for some inspiration about coming technologies, trying to learn more about leading-edge processes, or needing to find a solution to your most recent work challenge, chances are good that you'll benefit from IWLPC 2014. So come check us out in San Jose – you'll be glad you did.

Keith A. Cooper
SET North America
Conference General Chair

Father of Sensors to Keynote IWLPC 2014

IWLPC Keynote Dr. Janusz Bryzek

Living Connected Through Trillions of Sensors

Dr. Janusz Bryzek, Chair, TSensors Summit will present at the 11th annual IWLPC on the coming wave of sensor-based products. We are witnessing the emergence of the largest economic tide in the history of humans: the Internet of Everything (IoT), including eHealth. The magnitude of this global tide is estimated at $19 trillion by 2020, exceeding the size of today's US economy.

The foundation of this global tide is sensors. Sensor use in the mobile market grew to 10 billion units/year today, up from 10 million in 2007 (iPhone introduction). The Abundance movement (a movement aiming at the elimination of major global problems, e.g., hunger and lack of medical care) forecasts the demand for sensors to grow to 45 trillion units in two decades. The TSensors (Trillion Sensors) Initiative has emerged, aiming at acceleration of new sensor commercialization to support the needs of the Abundance movement.

Sensors are starting to invade every aspect of our lives, generating massive amounts of data (i.e., "big data"). Consumer products already are using about 100 different types of sensors. Sensor-derived data moving through the Cloud, Fog and Swarm networks is expected to reach a BrontoByte (1027), thereby enabling analytics on an unprecedented scale, and enabling prediction of our needs through machine learning algorithms running on quantum computers.

Sensors are one of the eight exponential technologies enabling the growth of goods and services faster than growth of demand for them. Exponential technologies enable exponential organizations (ExOs) that are expected to demonstrate sales growth of a billion dollars in one to three years. New ExOs are expected to replace 40% of the Fortune 500 companies in the coming decade, in a manner similar to the replacement of Kodak with Instagram in 2012.

This presentation will discuss these issues in more detail and present an amazing showcase of available sensor-based products.

3D Integration Track

3D Integration and interposer technology are more and more accepted approaches for fabrication of high performance memory-enhanced products, i.e. memory-on-logic stacks. On top of that, 3D integration today is recognized as a key technology for heterogeneous products, demanding smart system integration rather than extreme high interconnect densities.

Heterogeneous integration technologies are being developed for functional diversification systems, i.e. integration of CMOS with other devices, such as analog/RF, solid-state lighting, HV power, passives, sensors/actuators, biochips and biomedical devices. This heterogeneous integration started with system-in-packaging technology, and is expected to evolutionally move to 3D heterogeneous integration with TSVs and wafer bonding. Many R&D activities worldwide are focusing on heterogeneous integration for novel functionalities. Corresponding 3D integration technologies are in evaluation at several companies, research institutions and industrial driven research consortia (e.g. Hybrid Memory Cube, e-BRAINS etc). Furthermore there are significant advances for integrated MEMS systems using 3D integration technologies.

The multitude of abstracts submitted to the 2014 IWLPC evidence the vast activities and interest on the subject matter. The 3D sessions intend to bring you a sample of these advances in Memory Stack, Interposer Technology and TWB Processing among others.


In the pursuit for smaller size, increased performance, and lower cost, Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) has become the preferred packaging technology for many semiconductor applications. Fueled by the tremendous growth in the smartphone and tablet markets, WLP has become one of the fastest growing package types in the entire semiconductor industry. WLP is applicable for a wide range of semiconductor device types, from high end RF WLAN combo chips, to FPGAs, power management, Flash/EEPROM, integrated passive networks , and standard analog devices. WLP enables high semiconductor content while leveraging the smallest form factor and one of the highest performing and most reliable semiconductor packages on the market today. This year’s WLP track covers a broad range of topics. Tuesday’s sessions focus on wafer level final test solutions and simulation techniques, along with recent advancements in wafer level packaging materials. Wednesday’s agenda includes innovations in WLP process and metrology technologies with a dedicated session on fan-out WLP that covers both wafer-based and panel-based assembly solutions.

World Class Professional Tutorials

On Thursday, November 13, we will have professional tutorials given by instructors who are the pre-eminent authorities in their fields. Each tutorial represents an outstanding opportunity to meet with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere for an intensive course mentored by an expert.

Tabletop Exhibition

On November 11th and 12th, the IWLPC will present more than 50 exhibiting companies—many of which are the leaders in the semiconductor packaging and test industry. Attendee visitors will be able to see the latest products and discuss a broad range of services in an interactive environment.

The Conference is co-produced by the SMTA, the nation’s premier organization for electronics assembly, and Chip Scale Review, a publication for the semiconductor packaging community (and the official publication of the WLCSP Forum).

General chair, Keith Cooper, SET North America and technical chair, Steven Xu, Qualcomm as well as the SMTA team and Chip Scale Review look forward to seeing you at this year’s event!

What You Are Saying About IWLPC

We have participated in the IWLPC for the last two years and have found that the technical presentations have been very enlightening. IMT being a MEMS foundry utilizes wafer level packaging in over 70% of the products that we produce and would not miss this important conference. We also found the exhibit hall experience very valuable.
-Michael Shillinger, Founder, Innovative Micro Technology (IMT)
The International Wafer Level Packaging Conference has consistently been an excellent venue for both its technical presentations and vendor exhibits. We have been attending the IWLPC for the last seven years and found it to be very valuable for both our people and company.
-Robert Marshall, RMM
IWLPC is the premier conference for emerging packaging technologies from the chip scale to the wafer scale. The conference brings together vendors, users and decision makers and is extremely valuable to EV Group.
-Garrett Oakes, Technology Director, EV Group
IWLPC brings visitors from around the world to a focused event that allows exchange of new developments and ideas.
-E. Jan Vardaman, President, TechSearch International, Inc.

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